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The bloody truth: Bodyform’s Social Media Confession

Sure thing, it’s staged – but nonetheless this is a great example of how corporations should reply to critical comments and at the same time generate traffic and add value to their brand. Besides that, take it as a best practice of how to use various social media channels in a clever and integrated way. What am I writing about?

If you don’t know Bodyform yet, 50% of you hasn’t missed anything: they are in the business of female hygiene. I am sure you all are familiar with the kind of promotions this industry uses. Knowing this helps understanding the initial Facebook post from 8th October:

And here is yesterday’s reply on YouTube:

Even if I might not be the exact target audience, I love it! Great job, Bodyform. Has anyone yet seen such an example of viral multichannel marketing in employer branding?

P.S.: Don’t waste your time searching, “CEO Caroline Williams” doesn’t have a LinkedIn Profile 😮 That would have been the icing on the cake.


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Kraft Mac & Cheese – Likeapella: A special thanks to 4.632 facebook fans

You might like a lot of pages and products on facebook, but have you ever been hugged back or personally thanked? Yesterday Kraft Mac & Cheese rolled out a special thank-you for facebook fans: a nearly seven-minute song that namechecks people who liked a post from the brand earlier this week:

“LIKE this post, and you never know what may happen.”

And what happened? On Friday KM&C told their fans “We LOVE it when you “LIKE” our posts. So we’re showing you some love back with a song personalized for you, our fans.”

With the help of the YellowJackets, an a capella group, KM&C shot a video in which the names of fans are not only displayed/scrolled but also mentioned in the song – due to privacy reasons only abbreviated.

Sure, it’s not employer branding but still an inspiring example for the integrated use of social media channels and a personalized brand experience.

Nice bow-ties, guys!

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest – The Who’s Who Of Social Media – AllTwitter

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The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet

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