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The End of a Job as We Know It?

Good question and you read a lot about megatrends that will change worklife in every aspect.

No question, technology will further change human interaction and economical processes drastically and at incredible speed. But I don’t believe that 50.000+ years of evolution can change overnight. Therefore, some core elements of human nature will persist for some more generation, even if we like to believe in co-workers who are just self motivated, mature and only seek for self-actualization (which become nonetheless more important due to developments in education, wealth and, yes, technology).

Here’s an interesting article by Josh Bersin on some changes in our known work environment, and even if I am hesitant to agree that everything will change (in one generation) he has some good arguments and useful hints on how to proactively handle these changes.

“Jobs as we know them are changing dramatically.” This is a no-brainer, if I only reflect on the evolving of the Cloud and crowdsourcing. One aspect, which isn’t covered or just briefly touched in most predictions of the future workplace and co-workers is the aspect that there are still boring, mundane or simply aggravating job components that have still to be done. “Rewarding results, instead of roles.” seems just another touch on this topic.

“Well, the world has changed. It’s all about expertise, not just experience.” I am not sure if I would like to agree or disagree. If I understand the megatrends right knowledge will be outdated with increasing speed. So expertise, in terms of knowledge, is becoming more fluent and the sustainable expertise will be meta-skills, e.g.:

  • knowing where to find things and whom to ask
  • build a reliable professional network
  • be able to co-operate with and communicate to various audiences
  • manage diversity
  • see cohesion
  • predict complex consequences
  • draw conscious conclusions.

I would summarize this list as expertise (or as it is now legally awkward to write in job postings in Germany: “Seniority“): It’s all about experience, not just expertise.


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