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The 27 Key Social Media Practices to Consider

… from one of my favorite blogs, ResumeBear (please find more details to the bullettpoints there):

  1. Digital proclivities
  2. Social is mobile
  3. Continuous ambient connectivity
  4. Statversation
  5. The Socialized Workforce
  6. Social Recruiting
  7. The Socialized Employee Referral Program
  8. A Social-Share Culture
  9. Spreadable is the new viral
  10. Content Edge
  11. Tech Forward organizations
  12. Socialtechno Mentoring
  13. Social recognition
  14. Social media opportunities does not come gift wrapped
  15. With Social Media comes Social Pressure
  16. Video is preferred
  17. Video is an effective message delivery medium
  18. Video gets shared more often than text
  19. Social learning is continuous
  20. Social recognition
  21. Social Performance Reviews:  Ditch the annual reviews and engage employees throughout the year using a social tool such as Rypple.
  22. Rypple facilitates a social performance management culture
  23. Social media can be empowering
  24. The corporate and your personal brand must be defined
  25. A socialized organization cannot control every communication
  26. Social measures
  27. Social goals

Especially the idea of a social performance management culture seems intriguing (maybe not yet fully thought through).

And I still cannot get myself to admire videos for recruiting purposes. But I am for sure spoiled by years of seeing boring and technically poor (and expensive) company videos, which were hyped as the state-of-the-art must-have of recruiting tools.


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