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3 Myths About Recruiting on Facebook

@fistfuloftalent “3 Myths About Recruiting on Facebook – Haters Love to Argue!” Do I hate it? No! Do I love to argue? Always! Do I find something to argue in Tim Sackett’s post? Maybe. Let’s see…

1. Facebook is for your private life – LinkedIn is for your professional Life!

No argument with that. LinkedIn now is more like a job board (and for some a sales lead generator) and on facebook more and more people start becoming schizophrenic and now appear as two personalities, John Doe (biz) and Jo Do (private).

2. There are too many people on Facebook to be effective as a recruiting source.

Never heard of that myth and it doesn’t seem to be logical for me. If there are “too many” people for you, this is not facebook’s problem but your problem to develop a clear idea about who is your target group, how to identify it and how to connect.

3. Facebook is a fad, it will be die out in 3 years.

Fully agree with Tim’s view – even if facebook will vanish in three years (unlikely) it’s the source-of-the-moment.


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