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The bloody truth: Bodyform’s Social Media Confession

Sure thing, it’s staged – but nonetheless this is a great example of how corporations should reply to critical comments and at the same time generate traffic and add value to their brand. Besides that, take it as a best practice of how to use various social media channels in a clever and integrated way. What am I writing about?

If you don’t know Bodyform yet, 50% of you hasn’t missed anything: they are in the business of female hygiene. I am sure you all are familiar with the kind of promotions this industry uses. Knowing this helps understanding the initial Facebook post from 8th October:

And here is yesterday’s reply on YouTube:

Even if I might not be the exact target audience, I love it! Great job, Bodyform. Has anyone yet seen such an example of viral multichannel marketing in employer branding?

P.S.: Don’t waste your time searching, “CEO Caroline Williams” doesn’t have a LinkedIn Profile ūüėģ That would have been the icing on the cake.


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FINS Technology: Facebook To Launch Job Board

“Facebook is planning to launch its own job board later this summer, said people familiar with the matter. The job board will aggregate the job postings of third party providers, making them available for search by Facebook users.”

This does sound like just another job board without any “social” in the media.

But I would like to convey my best wishes to facebook. If anyone could finally build a successful job app/page ever on facebook, it’s them. Let’s observe the further development.

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Kraft Mac & Cheese – Likeapella: A special thanks to 4.632 facebook fans

You might like a lot of pages and products on facebook, but have you ever been hugged back or personally thanked? Yesterday Kraft Mac & Cheese rolled out a special thank-you for facebook fans: a nearly seven-minute song that namechecks people who liked a post from the brand earlier this week:

“LIKE this post, and you never know what may happen.”

And what happened? On Friday KM&C told their fans¬†“We LOVE it when you “LIKE” our posts. So we’re showing you some love back with a song personalized for you, our fans.”

With the help of the YellowJackets, an a capella group, KM&C shot a video in which the names of fans are not only displayed/scrolled but also mentioned in the song Рdue to privacy reasons only abbreviated.

Sure, it’s not¬†employer¬†branding but still an inspiring example for the integrated use of social media channels and a personalized brand experience.

Nice bow-ties, guys!

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‘Social-Media Blasphemy’ – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Back from holiday I’d like to start with a link recommendation. This interesting and debatable article in ‘The Chronicle of Higher Education‘ touches one aspect of social media, which has been under-represented in discussion so far: (Unlike traditional media) social media tools and sites are strongly biased towards positivity. I agree with the observation but don’t hold an opinion about it yet. If you like to build one of your own: the comments below the article are worth reading.

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The Launch of new Facebook Recruitment Platform for the¬†Enterprise – WorkDigital Blog

WorkDigital Blog РHome РThe Launch of new Facebook Recruitment Platform for the Enterprise.


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3 Myths About Recruiting on Facebook

@fistfuloftalent “3 Myths About Recruiting on Facebook – Haters Love to Argue!” Do I hate it? No! Do I love to argue? Always! Do I find something to argue in Tim Sackett’s post? Maybe. Let’s see…

1. Facebook is for your private life ‚Äď LinkedIn is for your professional Life!

No argument with that. LinkedIn now is more like a job board (and for some a sales lead generator) and on facebook more and more people start becoming schizophrenic and now appear as two personalities, John Doe (biz) and Jo Do (private).

2. There are too many people on Facebook to be effective as a recruiting source.

Never heard of that myth and it doesn’t seem to be¬†logical for me. If there are “too many” people for you, this is not facebook’s¬†problem but your problem to develop a clear idea about who is your target group, how to identify it and how to connect.

3. Facebook is a fad, it will be die out in 3 years.

Fully agree with Tim’s view – even if facebook¬†will vanish¬†in three years (unlikely) it’s the source-of-the-moment.

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