Holiday edition: Social Media, GenY and HR Strategy

Just before I am leaving for three weeks to the sunny Caribbean, I have looked for reading material to shorten the eleven hours flight. I found a few interesting articles which I would like to share – meanwhile I will meditate about the next own created post at the beach 🙂

20 Tips to Tame the Wild Social Media Beast (socialmediatoday) Pam Moore’s list of things that can go wrong is as long as her tip list, but it’s a useful and hands-on help to re-think your approach towards social media.

Gen-Y Employees: How to Motivate Them ( No rocket science in Samuel Bacharach’s post, but how you have to restructure your approach towards reward and recognition to attract and retain Gen Y cannot be repeated too often. It’s also worth having a look at the link suggestions at the end of the post.

Are You Free To Express Your Own Opinions On Social Media? ( Good question and discussion points by Kim. A related aspect: in my opinion social media biases people’s perception of the world towards ‘positive’  – with some noteworthy effects.

Corporate Strategy: How HR Can Become a Player ( Also here Edward E. Lawler’s post doesn’t tell any real news, though he might be able to base his conclusions on valid research. But it has to be evangelized that becoming a real business partner and add real value, “this requires HR executives to understand business strategy.”

I would personally add, that it’s not only the executives but all levels of HR as well as all levels of the organization who need to understand this. Best way to get there: HR needs to see the consumer experience as their main goal to become an accepted business partner who adds essential value.

Enjoy reading.
¡Hasta luego!


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