Olympic interview!

Just a short anecdote for a easy-going Sunday: A few days ago I went to London for some job discussions. One of these was a very short notice appointment worked in the agenda for less than an hour: “Meet me at the Ritz“. Nothing special to it so far…

But when I got there, I met a guy in shorts and a Olympia T-Shirt, accompanied by a client/friend – they were on their way to watch some games at the Olympics. As they wouldn’t have let him into the Ritz in this ‘inappropriate’ outfit anyway, we decided for the next best pub and a pint.
Actually we spend the time talking about sports and travelling and didn’t touch on any business topic at all. That I just before met a friend and had a pint helped the conversation flow… 🙂

I conducted casual interviews over breakfast, lunch or just two coffee myself, both as a hiring manager and an interviewee, but even then we where discussing mostly business and kept a form of business attire.

I have to admit that this additional informality adds another interesting aspect for selection and employer branding really that intrigued me – and I am far to ‘senior’ to be a Millennial 😉 The candidate learns a lot about company culture and it gives both sides the opportunity to explore a cultural match.

And don’t forget: it was fun 🙂 If it wasn’t fun for both sides, one could skip the rest of the selection process anyway. Hands-up who likes to work with people with whom he cannot imagine to go for a drink (including water and milk) after a long day?



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