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‘Social-Media Blasphemy’ – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Back from holiday I’d like to start with a link recommendation. This interesting and debatable article in ‘The Chronicle of Higher Education‘ touches one aspect of social media, which has been under-represented in discussion so far: (Unlike traditional media) social media tools and sites are strongly biased towards positivity. I agree with the observation but don’t hold an opinion about it yet. If you like to build one of your own: the comments below the article are worth reading.


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Mobile Recruitment – 5 cool Apps

Here is a very useful post by Hung Lee on RecruitingBlogs about some Apps which offer potential for recruitment.

I am still in love with FourSquare as the concept is so simple and its potential for sourcing and employer branding is still not recognized by most companies (at least in Germany). Is there anyone who could share his experience at this week’s CeBIT? If there is a place where FourSquare and other social Apps should be used (not only) for recruiting, this is it.

Just downloaded the others: Sonar, banjo, LocalMind and Glancee (I must confess I didn’t know all of them before reading Hung’s post). Recruiting becomes more fun than it has ever been.

The future challenge for any recruiter will be to keep pace with the multitude of Apps out there and to be ahead of the game (and to purposely choose the right ones). Having said that, the usage of Apps for recruiting could become a good example for crowdsourcing. Why not let employees administer these tools as they are using them anyway?

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Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies!


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Career Plans Are Dangerous – Harvard Business Review

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” Really one of the most boring and least revealing questions…

Career Plans Are Dangerous – Leonard A. Schlesinger, Charles F. Kiefer, and Paul B. Brown – Harvard Business Review.


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