Leadership Lessons I Learned From My 3-Year Old Toddler – Jane Chin

Fun to read and maybe some observations to consider…

  1. “I’ll figure it out myself.”
  2. “Praise my actions and be specific.”
  3. “Show me where the boundaries are.”
  4. “… Then give me the freedom to explore!”
  5. “Give me a chance to get back up if I fall.”
  6. “Let me find my own solutions.”
  7. “Give me ownership of good choices.”
  8. “I go by what you do.”
  9. “Give me some stability.”
  10. “I need to learn how to deal with conflict.”
  11. “Make learning fun or you’ll lose me.”
  12. “If you want quality time with me, you have to spend enough time with me!”

“For leaders who are parents, their “leadership skills” may be a simple “transferable experience” from the domestic organization to their corporations. For those who aren’t parents… you never know when you’ll come face to face with a 3-year old.”


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