Why Your Next Board Member Should Be A Woman – TechCrunch

TechCrunch published another post dealing with executive level gender diversity.

I think anyone who ever dealt with this topic knows the business case and arguments. And you will find them here again, maybe with some fresher figures and examples.

Nonetheless, while reading this post there were two heretic thoughts coming to my mind, which I would leave here for discussion:

  1. “Why should we care? For one, women are the power users of many products and it’s just smart business to have an understanding of key customers around the table.” No argument from my site. But, e.g., it is also true for most companies that their customers earn the average wage paid in the respective markets. Would that also mean that executive level salaries should be cut down to foster understanding their customer base better?
  2. “If you’re not aware, studies also show companies with gender diversity at the top drive better financial performance on multiple measures …” True, but do these studies offer a measure of co-relation or of causality?

For the German readers: you will find a debatable point of view on legal gender quotas at susensation


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