Good advice for GenY-ers and beyond…

I like this article by Kimberly Fusaro, because it’s not like 90% of articles about what corporations have to consider when interacting with “digital natives”, but what those should keep in mind when they enter the job market and have to deal with “old guys”.

Saying this, it’s a good excercise because most of these advises seem to be common sense for GenX and Baby Boomers who are on the other side of the desk – and “we” shouldn’t expect “our” standards common for the younger generation.

  1. Background checks have gone beyond Google.
  2. Arriving super-early for an interview is almost as bad as arriving late.
  3. Your physical appearance matters.
  4. Personal hygiene counts, too.
  5. You won’t get hired to work from home if you aren’t a “home professional.”
  6. Being overweight can work against you.
  7. Ageism (illegally) exists.
  8. Your relationship is being monitored if you’re dating a coworker.
  9. Your Internet usage is probably being documented.
  10. Your good and bad behavior matter-but the bad matters more.

Some points might be provocative, but it’s about reality and not about what we would like the world to be. Everyone fosters diversity and inclusion and there are legal guidelines and limitations in place. But nevertheless it’s statistically proven that there still are certain “biases” (positive or negative) in your career if you don’t comply to certain rules of the game (e.g. being physically fit) or stand out of the crowd (e.g. just by height or looks).


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