Just say “hello”.

Actually it is common sense, a no-brainer and good manners, but quite often companies, recruiters and agencies fail to simply say “thank you, but thank you no.”

That good manners are not only polite, but could also impact your business economically is once more shown in a survey by startwire.

Companies Risk Reputation by Not Responding to Job Applicants.

The survey, with more than 2000 respondents, found that 77 percent of job seekers think less of a company that doesn’t respond to a job application. Going further, 72 percent of respondents said they would be less likely to recommend companies’ products or services, and 58 percent would think twice about buying a product from a company that did not respond to their job application.”

I would like to add that “responding to an application” is surely not the automatically generated confirmation of receipt –  even if it includes the now popular “If you do not hear from us in two weeks, your application has not been successful.”

At a minimum it should be possible for any organization to send a standard reply after the vacancy has been closed. And if you promise to call back, call back. That’s simple? Indeed…

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